Acode Mastering Transfer: Quick, easy and secure

Step 1
Just use our secure transfer channel AcodeWeTranfer and upload the files to be processed.

If you don't give us further instruction, we will return your audio files as finished .wav files in 16-bit and 44.1 kHz (standard CD sampling).
If you wish, you can also send a completed copy of our online processing order, or attach the
„processing order form“ (pdf) with specific instructions to your file upload.

Step 2
After the file is uploaded, you will receive an order confirmation.

Step 3
Now you can only wait and see...

Within 24 hours you will receive an email telling you that the finished master demo has been sent to you. You can then listen to the files at your leisure and enjoy the new master.

For further informations or special requests please contact us by phone or mail.
Online processing order send along
* Name:
* Email:
Audio Restoration/Cleaning
Reduction of disturbing noise like hissing, cracking, rumbling, etc. and bounce as the original audio file.
Completition of your Rough-Mixes and bounce as the original audio file.
Stem-Master (32Bit/96KHz)
CD-Master (16Bit/44.100Hz) [Red-Book]
Radio Master (16Bit/44.100Hz)
TV / WEB Master (16Bit/44.100Hz)
Club Master (16Bit/44.100Hz)
Studio Master (24Bit/96.000Hz)
iTunes Premaster (24Bit/96.000Hz, 1dB HR, LPCM)
Loudness & Dynamic
Optimum overall loudness and pressing dynamic
EBU-R128/ ITU-R BS 1770 norm
K12 norm
K14 norm
K17 norm
Loud master at approx. 0dBFS, -5dBRMS respectively 15 LU PI
Additional file formats
MP3 CBR package deal (128, 192, 320kbps /44.100Hz)
MP3 VBR (approx. 256 kbps /44.100Hz)
M4A VBR ( approx. 250 kbps /44.100Hz)
FLAC CD quality (16Bit/44.100Hz)
FLAC HQ Studio quality (24Bit/96KHz)
Annotations, special requests or file formats:
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How to get a ready for mastering mix: Our New Book (LINK)
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