Mastering requires critical listening. Mastering is a crucial gateway between production and consumption and, as such, it involves technical knowledge as well as specific aesthetics. Results still depend upon the accuracy of speaker monitors and the listening environment. Mastering engineers may also need to apply corrective equalization and dynamic compression in order to optimize sound translation on all playback systems.
Finally, for compact disc release, Start of Track, End of Track, and Indexes are defined for disc navigation. Subsequently, it is rendered either to a physical medium, such as a CD-R or DVD-R, or to computer files, such as a Disc Description Protocol (DDP) file set or an ISO file.

The Acode Mastering Team will be glad to put together an individual offer for you. Detailed instructions can be found in Upload section.

Our studios contain the latest technology to give music and spoken productions the finishing touches needed for the best sound quality.

Professional Mastering

Services Offered

Our name says it all. We master anything! However we do offer additional services that go hand-in-hand with post-productions like Restoration, Mixing, Mastering and Batch Processiong of lots of files.
Our Process

We offer 24/7 online mixing and mastering service and easy to use processing. Free sample on request including audio analysis at the highest quality standards.
Our Promise

Our process is extremely thorough and each audio file receives an specialized post inspection. However, if you are unpleased, we will happily try to meet your requests. Just give us a call or write us an e-Mail.
Our good name

Thanks to your trust in quality processing, we have been able to put hands on the finest material, to finalize audio at its best:
Our Studio

- Fully calibrated and acoustically optimized Studio with perfect linear
  frequency response and perfect reverberation time.
- ADAM full range Reference-Monitor-Speakers (Custommade)

- VOVOX Cables

- GRADO Reference-Headphones (Custommade)

- Black Lion Audio mastering grade converters

- Empirical Labs Fatso EL-7 Compressor

- Manley Variable Mu Compressor

- Manley Massive Passive Tube Equalizer

- Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor and much more...

- DAWs: Pro Tools, Cubase Pro, Wavelab 8.5, and the best mastering plugins


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(Acode-Mastering Team)
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Musician | Author
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